Thursday 11 October 2007

Mounting and Finishing Photographs - Part 4 (Final Assembly)

Final Assembly
The final package is a sandwich of foamboard, photograph, and windowed mountboard. To produce this first the photograph is hinged off the backing board with two small pieces of tape.

Print hinged of the backing board

Then the mount is sandwiched to the foam board using ATG (Adhesive Transfer Gun) tape (ATG is basically double sided sticky tape dispensed from a gun). The hinging allows for expansion and contraction of the paper due to atmospheric conditions. The ATG tape holds the whole thing together into a solid package.

The completed sandwich

Each print is signed & numbered and the details entered into my Limited Edition management system: Lemon
A Signed Print!

I use lemon to generate a certificate of ownership which is embossed by a limited edition seal, signed and then taped to back of the picture

Certificate of Authenticity

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, great insight for a newbie who is thinking of doing this. Who is your supplier for foam/mount board tape etc here in the uk?

Chris Shepherd said...

Hi, Thanks for the comment. Part 6 will deal with equipment & suppliers. But take a look at Lion ;)

Simon Minshall said...

Chris, will you please clarify how the print is attached to the foamboard? Is it adhered to it by a single edge so that is hangs? Have you ever tried drymounting an ink print?

Simon Minshall said...

Apologies, it IS clear, I had a second look and the first picture shows the tape holding the print in place. My confusion was interpreting the second picture as the mounted print, it is, in fact, showing the MATTED print.

Chris Shepherd said...


The picture is secured by two small pieces of tape on the top edge. Because I have previously marked on the board some pencil lines that will centre the sheet of paper I simply line up to those and hinge mount the picture off the backing board.

Dry mounting all looked a bit complicated to me so i have never tried it ;)

Chris Shepherd said...

Mounted/Matted depends on which side of the Atlantic you are. As I said in part 1 I use them interchangeably and inconsistently....I'm a bad man :)

Scott said...

This is an excellent and well appreciated post. I got a little bit lost at this section:

"Then the mount is sandwiched to the foam board using ATG (Adhesive Transfer Gun) tape..."

I'm not exactly sure how you are doing this, but what I did was to put three pieces of double-sided tape on the top of the back mat, set the back mat down on the table together with the front mat, but with only the bottom together. With the two mats aligned top to bottom by the table, I then adjusted them for left-right alignment, then squeezed the top of the two mats together so the double-sided tape can hold the package together.

One or two shots of how you are doing it would really help.

Many thanks for the effort you put into this post!

Chris Shepherd said...

That's pretty much it Scott, though I run the ATG (double sided tape in a gun format) on the backing board all round the picture.