Monday 29 October 2007

Forest Frolics

Well yesterday was the day of the 4th Annual Ephotozine Epping Forest trip. Considering that the trip is always held on the first day of British Winter Time, over the years we have been very fortunate with the weather. This year our luck wasn't so good as it was a decidedly damp day though the heavy rain held off for a while.

I was hopping that as the trees had started to turn that people would be able to get some shots of the foliage like this:

Autumn in Epping Forest
(Click to view Large)

But the wind made that a bit tricky.

A popular subject on the meet is the various forms of fungus that can be found in the forest. This year the fungus was thin on the ground and took some finding but most people got some shots. Though Nick Brandon had a rather interesting experience:

Things started off well, found a few decent fungi to photograph early on, great.

Had a little wander, further afield and found some more, got too engrossed and lost everyone.

After 3 1/2 hours I went towards a branch upon which I could see some porcelain fungus growing......

Next thing I know, I'm waist deep in foul smelling mud and sinking deeper every time I move.
Managed to claw my way out minus two wellies, heart was going like a steam train by this time.
I found a log that I could carry and put it where I thought my wellies were and after 20 minutes had managed to dig my wellies out !!!!!

After this mishap I looked back to where I had walked, no sign of a bog, just a carpet of golden leaves.

Moral of this story, BE VERY CAREFUL IN THE WOODS.......

Sorry Nick!

The meet ended with a few jars in a local ale house which gave us all a chance to warm up and chat. I don't normally take many shots on the meet as I enjoy myself chatting to the other photographers too much. I did manage to get this picture of some puffballs. For those of you who are interested in the technical details : 300mm f/4 & 1.4 extender - 30Seconds @ f/45..with 10 bursts of flash.

(Click to view large)

All in all an enjoyable day, despite the weather.

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