Wednesday 26 May 2010

New Canvas Print options.

I have just updated all the galleries on the site as we now offer the option of Gallery quality canvas wraps.  So all pictures on the site are now available as:

  • 18 x 12 inch Limited Edition Mounted print      £75      
  • 18 x 12 inch Limited Edition Framed & Mounted print     £125     
  • 16 x 24 inch Limited Edition Canvas wrap   £90    
  • 24 x 36 inch Limited Edition Canvas     £150
 Discounts are available for multiple purchases.

    Wednesday 12 May 2010

    Why Two Lightroom Catalogs ?

    Following my post on automatically deleting Lightroom backups, I was asked why I have two different Lightroom catalogs.  Well the reason for this is that I like to separate my recent images from my archive of images.

    My working catalogue contains the images I am currently working on and the archive contains images that are finished.  Once a month I move the images from the previous month to the archive.

    There are a few reasons for me working in this way.  The first is that I find the process of archiving images stops me constantly looking at shots to see if there is any way I can improve them.  If I didn't do that I would still be looking at shots I took in may 2006 thinking "I wonder what that looks like in B&W".

    The other main reason, is that it  is really easy to put off keywording and classifying images,  as part of the archival process I like to make sure that they are all classified correctly.  My checklist for archiving is:

    • Delete all the images that don't make the grade
    • Keyword every image with the location it was taken
    • Keyword any shots to identify any dogs & people.
    • Apply Star ratings.
    • Add Title & Descriptions to the good ones.
    • ctrl + A and ctrl + s to write the metadata to the files
    • Export the files to a new library
    • Import in to the Archive.
    • Add pictures to the collections for my various websites
    Am I unusual in using multiple catalogues or  is it a common thing.  Why not leave a comment & let me know how you use Lightroom catalogues.

    Sunday 9 May 2010

    Images of Suffolk

    After the run away success of our Images Of Essex website, there really was only one way to go.. Suffolk!

    Dave Peck and myself have teamed up with the very talented Gary Horner to create a website devoted to Images of Suffolk.

    Winter sunrise on Herringfleet Marshes
    by Gary Horner

    The Site features a collection of galleries organised by season and a map of Suffolk to help you find photographs of your favourite location.

    The site was created using foliopic a new service providing websites for photographers and artists. Why not have a look at the site & let me know what you think in the comments section.

    Saturday 1 May 2010

    Leanne Graham is photographer of the month for May

    You see I like photography and I like dogs. But which one is better? There's only one way to find out....

    Visit ShortDog Photography!!!
    I have been enjoying the work of Leanne Graham and her dog photography.

    by Leanne Graham

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