Thursday 4 June 2009

Christening Photo Fun

Over the weekend I did some shots of the christening of my friends beautiful baby girl. Now regular readers will know that I don't do a lot of people photography and I rarely use flash so it was a real challenge.

Alexa and Gran
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I shot the whole thing on my 5D using the 580ex flash unit on camera. After a bit of experimentation before the event I opted to use bounce flash with the little white thingy popped up to add catchlights. Personally I am quite happy with the results but I am sure all the wedding & portrait togs who read my ramblings will be happy to tell me where I have gone wrong.

In Mums Arms
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All the pictures are on my photobox pro gallery, why not take a look.

Monday 1 June 2009

Michael Bosanko is photographer of the month for June

Michael Bosanko is our photographer of the month for June. Michael is the creator of the most stunning light sculptures - his work is absolutely amazing.

Green Dragon
by Michael Bosank

His site really is amazing it is definitely a "must see".

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