Wednesday 31 October 2007

Capture One V4 Beta2 Released

The Second Beta of Capture One 4 has just been released. My first impressions are that they have fixed quite a few of the obvious bugs, the controls seem more usable and it's relatively stable.

From the release notes:

What’s new from beta 1
This is a non-exhaustive list of issues we have solved with beta 2:
  • Viewer adjustable background (Windows only)
  • Importer (new on Windows)
  • Improved, brighter and larger icons
  • Better file management (drag and drop, rename, delete)
  • More room for sliders (min max labels have been removed)
Capture One 4 beta 2 now runs on Windows Vista 64-bit edition and on Mac OS X

I processed this last night:

(Click to view large)

And everything seemed to go swimmingly. Why not download it and have a play.
Please Note though this beta will not run on AMD XP processors.

In a separate announcement Capture One have signed a strategic agreement with Microsoft. Hopefully this should mean better integration of iView and C1 as part of an attempt to take on Lightoom and Aperture.

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