Thursday 8 November 2007 buttons for your rss feed (PV) is a great site that allows you to see what's new in the world of photography. Stories are voted on by the sites members so it helps you find the really interesting stuff easily.

As you can see I have added vote buttons to the site to make life easier for PV users to tell the world how great my blogs are. Now I have worked out how to do the same for my rss feed and I thought I would share it with everyone. So this is what you do:

  1. Sign up with Feedburner and set your site feed up to use feedburner (all the instructions for this are on the feedburner site).
  2. On the Optimize tab select Feedflare

  3. In the box marked (Enter or paste Unit URL) enter this:

  4. Click Add New Flare
  5. Check the feed box next to Vote for this on Photography

  6. Then click Save

That's it! I hope you find it of use.


Anonymous said...


Great stuff with the Photography Voter feed flare. Why don't you submit it to the Feedburner Feedflare catalog if you haven't already?

Chris Shepherd said...

Good idea - I thought I had already done that but it doesn't seem to be on there. I'll check it out.