Sunday 22 July 2007

Pretty Strong things these cameras

I've just got back from a great week in The Lake District, whilst the rest of Britain was being hit by torrential downpours the wettest place in England was pretty dry!

I did have one disaster though, like an idiot I placed the camera in the top of my rucksack without doing up either the camera case or the rucksack. A short while later I went to remove the rucksack and the camera and lens (Canon 20D & 17-85EFS) went crashing from shoulder height on to the concrete carpark. It made a horrible smashing noise...Eek!

On investigation it seems the only damage was to the battery compartment door which had flown of and exploded and the rear LCD has been knocked out of alignment. I but the battery compartment door back together easily enough but a tiny spring has gone missing so it doesn't always stay shut. Other than that the camera still works and the lens is as sharp as ever.

Quite frankly I'm amazed how strong the camera and lens are - top marks to Canon for building such strong kit.

Wasdale Head - The last shot I took before I threw my camera at the floor!
(Click to view large)

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