Friday 22 June 2007

Lightroom Paypal Galleries

Darryn Mckay of has taken the Lightroom Paypal Web Gallery template I produced and made it into some really good looking and effective Wedding galleries.

It's great to see people taking my experiment and producing something really useful.

I'd love to see any more galleries people have made with the template, why not add a comment linking to your site that uses lightroom and paypal below.

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Unknown said...

Hey! That wedding gallery looks great! I am trying with little success to create the same thing for my mom who is an artist... is there a way I could download the gallery used to create that wedding gallery? I tried to download your original paypal gallery and am unable to open the transformer file. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you!

Chris Shepherd said...

Hi rachel,

Sorry I can't help. The code I have is all for Lightroom 1. Wehn I get some free time I will convert it to LR2 but it will be quite a while before I get that far.