Tuesday 26 June 2007

Black and White in Capture 1

As I detailed in my blogs on workflow I use Capture 1 (C1) for my raw processing. I am still waiting for the next release of C1 to compare it against Lightroom 1.1 to decide which one I will use in future but at the moment C1 produces the results I need with the minimum of fuss so I am sticking with that.

Being a fan of doing the development in the raw converter rather than Photoshop I was glad when I came across a technique the other day which details a great way to create black and white images from C1.

It's quite simple really:
  • Download the file, unzip the fie and double click on the profile file to install it.
  • Start Capture 1 and change the camera profile to the new one.
  • Process your images as per normal to produce B&W how you like.
Cool! Here is one I processed earlier:

Moonlight Rush
(Click to view large)

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