Monday 26 February 2007

Puddle Paradise

Continuing on with The Friday Lunchtime Project, I popped over to The South Bank and The London Eye last Friday.

Now, the London Eye is one of the most photographed locations in London. So it's almost impossible to find a new view of it. When faced with something that is photographed so frequently I like to adopt Liddell heart's doctrine of the indirect approach*.

As it was raining it was raining I decided to utilise the many puddles and get a reflection of the wheel in it.
Click to view large

Whilst it looks like I have run half a dozen Photoshop filters on this, it is in fact virtually straight out of Capture 1. I simply increased the contrast and reduced the saturation and it resulted in this rather fun noisy monochrome effect.

*Bet you weren't expecting a reference to 20th century armoured warfare strategy!

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