Tuesday 27 February 2007

Digital Velvia Photoshop Actions

A while back there was a discussion on Ephotozine about reproducing the effect of Fuji Velvia film in Photoshop.

Terence Irons came up with a very detailed description of how to produce the effect, I have since made them into a set of Photoshop actions which work rather well.

I have now made them available here for download.


The actions are based on layers so they are not distructive to your images and can be easily undone. The velvia file contains 7 actions, which are in three groups that should be run in this order:

1. Cleanup - removes noise from the image. Use if you don't have neatimage or Noise Ninja.

2. Contrast - comes in 3 varieties (Normal,Medium & Strong)

3. Colour Boost comes in 3 varieties (Normal,Medium & Strong) .


How to Install

The files go in the "photoshop actions" folder which is inside the "presets" folder in the photoshop program folders

To Do This

Download the file from hereDownloadto somewhere handy like the desktop. Then copy and paste it into the photoshop actions folder.

The route to this should be something like this depending on your version of photoshop :----

  1. My Computer – Local Disk C (usually) – program files – Adobe – photoshop cs (or whatever version) – presets – photoshop actions

When you have pasted it into the actions folder close everything up again and then open photoshop.
Go to the arrow icon at the top right hand corner of the actions palette and when the drop down menu appears choose "Load action" Highlight the Velvia action and load it.

For those of you with Photoshop Elements - How to Run Actions in Adobe Photoshop Elements 3, 2 and 1

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