Wednesday 28 February 2007

Lemon ~ Limited Edition Management ONline

Many photographers who produce Limited Edition prints of their work have developed ad-hoc systems to manage them.

Faced with the constant headache of maintaining what has been printed and sold, which numbers have been allocated, etc. I decided to develop a system to bring this under control. The current release features:

  • Keep track of editions and sales easily from one screen.
  • Block Allocate ~ reserve a group of prints for a particular customer.
  • Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Print Run ~ Mark a group of prints as printed and generate the appropriate certificates.
  • Sales reports.
  • AutoAllocate© ~ When creating an edition numbers can be automatically allocated.

This is free software. The only thing I ask is that you mail me if you use it. The reason for this is so that I can mail out notices of any bug fixes/enhancements to existing users as soon as they are spotted. I like to keep track of the number of users out there. It's not much to ask is it?

New Release - Version 1.1 Released 23 Oct 2006

  • First Release used in anger :)
  • Added ability to generate single certificate
    Added Image path rename form
    Added version History
    Added new certificate Format "Shepherdpics"
  • Recreated the reports to provide useful info!
    Various minor fixes

Where can I get this fantastic software ?

download Click here to download

Access97 Version

How do I install it ?

The Installation is very straight forward. Here are the instructions.

Where can I get support ?

Check out the users guide, if that doesn't help then simply mail me and I will see if I can help.

Does it cost anything ?

Nope not a sausage. If you would like to donate a thankyou gift then please use the paypal button below and I will make sure all payments go to charity.

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