Tuesday 20 July 2010

How to create exhibition Labels

Quit a few people have asked how I create the labels I use for my exhibitions.  I thought I would share the technique I use here.

  1. I first create the labels, using a customised version of my Lemon Limited Edition Management system.
  2. Any additional documents, like the exhibition cover story and details of how to purchase the shots are created in Word.
  3. I print very light grey dashed cutting lines round each label to make the process easier.
  4. I print all the items on to premium glossy paper to give them a professional finish, don't print right to the edge as you need to allow a bit for trimming off.
  5. Once the prints have dried, it's time to wander outside and coat the back of each with spray mount.
  6. Then stick each print down to a sheet of foamboard.
  7. Leave to dry.
  8. Now use a ruler and stanley knife(with a fresh blade) and cut each of the labels to size, following the guidelines printed on each label.  Having a proper cutting mat underneath allows you to cut cleanly all the way through without wrecking your table, and more importantly, blunting your knife.
  9. After a short while you should have a nice stack of lovely labels!

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