Sunday 1 November 2009

Tim Parkin is photographer of the month for November

I've been really enjoying the Large Format work of Tim Parkin, so I thought - lets make nim my Tog of the month and more people can enjoy it.

Floaty Branch
(by Tim Parkin)

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Tim Parkin said...

Well what can I say - I'd like to thank my manager, and my agent, my photo editor and all of the people that helped with my rise to fame. My uncle, Adobe, Fuji, Ebony cameras, Lee, my mate Dav (for taking me to see Sucioperro) but most of all my parents, without whom I would never have had my first Zenith E (and then have had to sell it to buy a bloody computer and spend 20+ years sitting in front of a monitor!!).

Seriously though - much appreciated!

Chris Shepherd said...

LOL - thanks for popping by Tim.