Thursday 2 April 2009

G20 Protests round two

After the excitement of yesterday things were expected to be much calmer today. I decided to head down to bank and check out the damage. Things weren't too badly damaged, but a lot of graffiti had appeared.

My Banker

As far as I can work out the protesters were against the war, against the bank bail-outs and in favour of West Ham United!

Graffiti on The Bank

The Duke of Boots in front of The Royal Exchange bore the brunt of some unusual graphic abuse too.


Message for the fallen

Yesterday a protester died of a heart attack and at lunchtime a small group walked into the Bank square to lay flowers and leave messages for the unknown protester.

I think you may have...

As more people arrived scuffles broke out, arrest were made and the square closed down to prevent more protesters joining the fray.


Foot and Flowers

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