Wednesday 1 April 2009

G20 Protests in London


Today seems to be National Get It Off Your Chest Day, thousands of protesters descended on the city of London to protest about Capitalism, bank bail outs, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, climate change, pensions and squirrel abuse.

Policing the Freedom Bus

Looking at the Law

Yes, today was the day of the much feared and hyped G20 protests. As we walked from Liverpool Street station it was clear that the city was undecided on what it's response should be to the threat.
Some banks had taken down any identifying symbols, closed the front doors and were pretending no one was home. Other buildings were completely boarded up.

On the steps of The Royal Exchange

Five marches converged on Bank junction from all directions. As they marched through the city they were watched from the sidelines by thousands of city workers dressed down in jeans & casuals.

Bank Junction

As soon as the last of the marches had arrived at the Royal Exchange it became clear that the police were implementing a strategy of containment.

No Entry

Press Pile

Slowly chains of policemen were formed preventing the protesters getting out. The lines were doubled up and vehicles were inserted blocking the roads completely.

Holding the Line

I moved round the area attempting to get closer to the action but being trapped inside the Police cordon didn't seem like a good idea. As it certainly seemed that although the vast majority of people were not up for trouble, a few seemed like they might be.

agent provocateur

Masked Man

Wandering round the area I came across Russel Brand and attempted to do a bit of papping. Walking backwards taking a shot of a celebrity and not bumping into the other photographers is harder than it looks - well that's my excuse for the shot not being sharp!

Russel Brand

Billy No Mates

Round by Mansion House I came across an American journalist doing a piece to camera. I listened as he told his viewers that the police were clearing the square. Actually they were doing the complete opposite!

Talking Tosh

An hour later and things got a bit tense as a group of demonstators broke through the police line and trashed a branch of RBS. The riot police went in and it was all soon over. The police lines were restored.

After the Riot

Police Lines

From there I found a tiny group of proestors blockading idea why though.
Your More

Over in Bishopsgate the entire road had been turned into a climate camp, things were extremly good natured and rather fun.


Policimg the Climate Camp

The day went well with almost everyone getting to demonstrate peacefully and things went off much better than predicted.

But the main impression I came away with was how amazingly polite and professional every policeman I met was. They dealt with a difficult situation with tact and humour - makes you proud to be British.

The Bobby is back

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