Wednesday 3 December 2008

Stop Playing with Yourself

Landscape photography has always been a bit of a solo hobby. Getting up before the dawn, traipsing round the countryside in the dark and standing motionless in the cold by a tripod has never been much of a spectator sport.

But that has all changed...

No we have the forum, email and even websites with dedicated meeting calendars, there is really no need be a lonesome shooter. It's a great learning experience, you can find new locations, new ways to approach familiar subjects and new techniques just by observing how others approach things.

So I was really glad to meet up with some of the greatest Photoluminists* in Essex on Sunday.

Shelling Out
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The plan was to meet at Frinton for a morning shooting the sunrise. Unfortunately the light decided not to turn up! Still I got a chance to play with some close ups laying on the freezing beach. And, as ever it, was a real joy to chat with other photographers over a big fried breakfast.

Why not try meeting up with fellow photographers - you never know where it might end up.

*The expression Photoluminist is ©Copyright Ian Flindt 2008

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