Wednesday 12 November 2008

What a difference a photographer makes (part 2)

In part one I discussed an evenings photography I had enjoyed with Ian Flindt and Kevin Goodchild. There I discussed the difference in our approaches to creating an image of Tower Bridge.

This time, I'd like to show the images we produced when left completely to our own devices in Central London.

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As the clouds came over and the more interesting light was lost, Kevin made use of his excellent observational skills. This image of a contemplative figure sat lost in thought, with the financial centre of Canary Wharf behind him really sums up the day for me. When you know that this was taken on the day that a couple of banks collapsed and the financial markets were in turmoil, it makes you wonder what the person in the shot is thinking.

by Kevin Goodchild

Ian managed to arrive well before Kevin and I and (quite characteristically) seemed to magic up some fantastic light. He then managed to wait till the people were in exactly the right positions to achieve this interesting and very beautiful composition. Shortly afterwards I arrived bringing my own personal rain-cloud with me!

City Hall, London
by Ian Flindt

As the sky clouded over the saturation of certain colours increased quite dramatically, and I found interest in a fountain right near tower bridge. The rust on this figure emerging from the water produced some great colours and helped me produce my very first nude abstract.

The Back Side
by Chris Shepherd

I find it fascinating that we were all using similar equipment and spent most of the evening quite close to one another yet we produced such different images. It really shows that it is the photographers eye, not their equipment that makes the picture.

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