Saturday 8 November 2008

What a difference a photographer makes (part 1)

I always really enjoy getting out and taking pictures with other photographers. Recently I had the pleasure of getting out with two excellent photographers, Ian Flindt & Kevin Goodchild.

We decide to spend an evening around the Tower Bridge area of Central London. I thought it would be interesting to show how different photographers can interpret the same themes. This is a two part post. In this first part, I'd like to show how the three of us interpreted the same scene within a few minutes of each other.

Please click each image to view a larger version

Kevin produced a beautifully constructed image which uses the dolphin fountain to full effect. The eye is lead round the curve of the fountain, past some lovely reflected light, up to the bridge itself and then you finally notice that huddle of 3 figures, which add an element of scale and interest that would otherwise be missing.

Tower Bridge
by Kevin Goodchild

In characteristic style Ian elected to show as much of the context of the bridge as possible. He was able to find a new viewpoint and use wide angle to maximum effect, to bring the gates of St.Katherines Dock into the composition. The Gate, river wall and bridge work to create a dynamic zig-zag through the image.

Tower Bridge
by Ian Flindt

My images tend to have as little in them as possible and I felt I would be happier if I could get a clear view of the bridge. I found my way (through a gate that is normally locked at this time of night) down on to the lower pier. This gave me a chance to take the shot from river level with tower bridge towering over me.

Tower Bridge
by Chris Shepherd

In part 2 I'll look at what we produced when given a completely free reign.

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