Monday 7 July 2008

Epson Stylus Pro 2880 vs Epson Stylus Pro 3800

So having decided to continue printing my own photos I have been waiting for a replacement of the Epson 2400 to appear on the shelves. Finally the Epson 2880 has appeared.

Is it any good I hear you ask? Well the best place to see a full review is photo-i - I have to say it looks pretty good to me. But, knowing the volumes of printing I do, I started to wonder about the costs of those tiny ink cartridges and how it compared to the Epson 3800 Stylus. First I checked out the review, well it looks good and robust with high print quality and it does A2!

Hmmm, A2 now that's a nice-to-have but how much extra will I be paying for a feature I am unlikely to use very often. Time to do some maths.

Isle in the Storm
(Bet this looks good in A2)

So before we launch into the comparison, let me say that these are the prices I found first when doing some Googling. They probably aren't the cheapest around but I think the comparison is still valid.
In addition I have not included P&P, if you order your print carts on-line or, the cost of money when you buy a lot of ink up front. I leave you to decide if these elements will affect your pricing decisions.

Purchase price with additional 2 year Warranty£629.00 £1,062.18
Epson Trade Up Discount £- £150.00
Purchase Price £629.00 £912.18

OK so its an extra £290 of the queens pounds which is not to be sniffed at (even if it does do A2), but out of interest I thought I would take a look at the price and size of ink cartridges.

Individual Cartridge Price £10.95 £35.80
Price for a full set of cartridges£87.60 £286.40
Cart size in ml1180
Price per ml £0.9955 £0.4475

Well that gets a little more interesting 2880 ink is twice as expensive as 3800 ink (and the 3800 does A2).
Now here is a thought - each printer comes with a full set of inks. If we subtract the cost of the inks provided we should get an indication of the actual price of the printer. This gives us:
Price without ink £541.40 £625.78

So in effect you can go from an A3 printer to an A2 for only £83!

I'll assume that ink usage on both is pretty much equivalent and I will pick 100ml worth of to represent my usage for a year or so.

Prices for 100ml worth of printing

Price for a full set of cartridges £87.60 £286.40
No of sets in 100ml 9.09 1.25
100ml price £637.09 £286.40
Total price to print 100ml worth of prints £ 1,266.09 £1,198.58

So it seems that when I take into consideration my normal running costs the more expensive printer is cheaper! Oh and did I mention it does A2 as well!

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ناصر الهاملي said...

I really thank you Chris.. I Just came from Ground Stores in Abu Dhabi, I was cunfused about if I really want the "A2" ?! But with your help now I think would go for the Epson Stylus 3800.
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