Friday 25 July 2008

Adobe Rumours

Being the sort of chap who has his ear to the ground and his shoulder to the wheel, I am picking up a few rumours about Adobe:

Word on the street is that the full version of Lightroom 2 should be released next week. This should be a very exciting release, now that Adobe know how the system is actually used and that there is a huge market for it this should be a release well worth paying for. I might even move over to lightroom myself....if I can ever get a decent result out of ACR :)

I am also told that photoshop users should invest in a decent graphics card. Photoshop CS4 seems to be tuned for good cards and is blisteringly fast off a decent one.

Further rumours abound about other surprise announcements that the imaging giant has up its sleeve. It is certainly an interesting time for Adobe as they use their base in imagig and web tools to go head to head against Microsoft in the battle of AIR versus Silverlight.


Anonymous said...

Olympic site will be with Silverlight though. When it comes to marketing... MS one step ahead.
Well, that is if nothing goes wrong during the olympics ;-)

Chris Shepherd said...

The olympics - that should improve the number of downloads no end.

Hmm time to learn silverlight me thinks :)