Monday 10 December 2007

Take a few snaps on the journey

What is this life, full of care, we have no time to stop and stare
William Henry Davies

Get the best shots you can, but don't forget to take a few snapshots on the way
Chris Shepherd

Just a reminder to all you photographers out there who obsess about exposure, filters, getting the right light, raw, lightroom, HDR, photoshop, equipment, etc, etc. That its always worth remembering to take some snapshots of those you love and events that happen as you move through life.

It's great to sell fine-art photos to the public, but in 10 years time you are going to spend a lot more time looking at snapshots that aren't technically perfect than any of your "greatest hits", just because they have the power to remind you of your life and those you love.

There is no real excuse not to snap away with digital as the cost of a few extra shots is not even noticeable. By all means use your skills to produce a good image, but almost any image is better than no image when you look back at your snaps.

So in the spirit of taking snapshots I would like to introduce you to Bernie (now renamed Harvey). He
was left at our local RSPCA rescue centre on Saturday morning, he is only 14 weeks old, but some friends of ours have given him a loving new home.

I thought I would try to get some snaps of him...but he was quite keen on playing tug with the camera! Still at least they will have a reminder of his first day with them.

Camera Tug
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