Tuesday 7 August 2007

What a fun Holiday Cottage.

I'm still without camera as it is being carefully repaired due to me throwing it roughly to the floor. So I though I would just show you something that I rather enjoyed. A few weeks back we went to the lake district and stayed in a lovely cottage in Coniston.

What made this cottage special was not it's central - yet quite location, nor its table tennis room, or its pool table room or even the fact that the garden was crammed full of wildlife that you could happily spend all day in with a big lens.

Cute Rabbits on the lawn

No the thing about this cottage was it's garden..it had a miniature village in it! Here are a few snaps of it:
Smudge and the Castle

Another Castle

Robin on the church

The Cottage and a model of itself.

The cottage had once belonged to John Usher who created his own miniature village in the garden, after his death most of his village was moved to the ruskin museum but a few of the bigger buildings still remain where they were built. How much fun is that :)

The Rest of the village in the museum

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