Sunday 19 August 2007

Sometimes a shot just works

Things are looking up:

I finally got my camera back from the menders, I'm a £170 lighter! Lucky it was only minor damage. And I have sorted out my laptop colour matching problems....I uninstalled all the colourPlus software and gave up!

In the mean time I have had a chance to play with some pictures, I revisited this picture:

Light after Death
(Click to view large)

and decided to convert it to black and White. I used The Lights Right Studio B&W conversion actions to convert it to B&W. The thing I like about these actions is they are based on representations of different coloured filters, they also have the option to put all the filters on the image then switch between them.

I ended up with this image:

Death in Black
(Click to view Large)

I feel both images work, the first emphasises the lovely warm evening light, whilst the second is more about the shape of that lovely tree. Which do you prefer?


Keith said...

I prefer the color version. But both are totally fine.

Chris Shepherd said...

Thanks Keith - funny how evenly split people are when choosing between the two.