Thursday 19 April 2007 gets started

Over at Joe has got galleries with paging working...hurrah!

Why not take a look at the site, it looks like it will develop into a very useful resource.


john said...

You know, I'm not keen on that site, Chris. It's stuffed full of Google ads, its owner is anonymous, and he spams forums with his url. And all for one half-baked template.

Chris Shepherd said...

I have to agree John, I felt the same (though ad blocker stops me seeing the ads). I decided to link as he isn't charging people for the template and there is so little info about any should help.


Unknown said...

Chris, Thanks for the link! I will add a link to your site as well. The site is coming along and im slowly putting up the tutorials. Im hoping the site will be a good resource for people. I started the site because there really is so little information on creating templates. About the google ads, i see you have them on your site as well. you also have that thing which gets in the way a bit.

John, compare my site to some others. most have a ton more google ads. bottom line though, who really cares. Are you not keen on anything that contains an ad? do you complain about billboards, magazine ads, and other ads you are exposed to? the whole world is one big advertisement. i dont know why you let a couple google ads ruin your day. at least they are not popups! As far as the template(s) go, yes, i only have one. but i just learned how to create them and once i get everything in order and the tutorials up i will create some more. also, they will be FREE for people to download.


Chris Shepherd said...

You sure are right about there not being much information Joe! Why Adobe don't bother with any documentation is beyond me.

To be honest I think you just gave the wrong impression when you pasted your URL in a lot of places before you had any real content. To me it looked like you were trying to start a very commercial site. There is a fine line between self promotion & spam and I think you fell more towards the spam side I'm afraid.

Now your content is coming on that impression should go away and you seem to be adding some useful stuff so it appears I misjudged your intentions. Sorry.

Good luck in your adventure in Lightroom Galleries.