Tuesday, 17 April 2007

ECommerce sites with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and the PayPal Shopping cart..continued

Those of you who are interested in Lightroom web templates (and there does seem to be an awful lot of you) will be pleased to know that I have extended the template to add two new features:

  • Sequential numbering for each item.
  • Next & Previous buttons for each image allowing users to easily page through.
Install instructions are the same as for the previous version except you will need to download this new version of the file from here: paypalLightroomForwardBack.zip

I will be leaving each of the different versions available so that you can see how each of the elements was added to the template. hopefully this will help people develp their own versions.

I am currently working on getting paging working.

Things I have yet to work out is how to get keywords & descriptions in to the source xml.

After that I will look at how to get settings in to the lightroom panels...still a long way to go.

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Sean McC said...

Hi Chris,
Doing it for a living helps!

I'm downloading and will look at this immediately.

Descriptions are from the Caption box and based on tokens. You'd probably need to take it from existing code.

If you can get keywords in, I know dozens of people that will applaud you for it

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Am looking at now. The previous download was giving me errors when trying to use in Lightroom. It may have to do with the coding table of yours I'm referring to in changing to US dollars. The code does not appear to be right on your other page. Can you repost the translator script with US dollars? Also, if there was a way to interactively change prices from within Lightroom, is that possible or does it have to be manually done from the translator file each time?

Chris Shepherd said...

I'll try to do a version with dollars real soon.


Mike said...

Do you have a sample gallery online that shows this template in use?

Mike said...

nevermind, stupid question. I found your galleries. Sorry for the dumb question.

Chris Shepherd said...

Actually the galleries on this site are generated from iView Media pro but the template is very similar.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the template.
you have a bug preventing an "add to shopping card" icon from appearing after the first sale item. you are referring to nonexistant "assets" folder, while it should be resources/images.
it seems to be a general problem with that iview thingy. wherever you refer to it, it does not work (automatic name posting in copyright, iview:caption appearing on a purchase page). most likely that's what is causing navigation not to work. automatic filename posting on the purchase page does not work eather. insted of it it renders "@filename".

Chris Shepherd said...

Thanks for that, I will take a look when I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing the same fatal error the someone described in the first posting about using PayPal. I see this with both the original (April 14) and the revised (April 17) gallery. I do not see the error with the demo gallery (April 13).

The direction you're going seems to have a lot of promise. I look forward to it's development (especially for direct downloads as per Sean's suggestion!).


Anonymous said...

Following up on my comment above...

The demo gallery only had two file in it (transformer.xslt and galleryMaker.xml). The paypal gallery had four files (the two I just mentioned plus source.xml and Gallery.xml) and two folders.

As soon as I deleted the source.xml and Gallery.xml files, a gallery is generated and the LR doesn't crash.

The gallery looks like the demo but with the purchase information (although the images for the shopping cart are not showing; perhaps the css are not working for me either).

Very cool. I like where this could go.


Anonymous said...

One more thing before I quit for the night.

I can't see the sequencial numbering and the forward/back buttons that are mentioned in the April 17 article. Is the link to the files correct?



Thomas said...

Chris, I like what you've done with this. I'm trying to adapt it to an event photo purchase site I use to sell weekly 4x4 truck events. I've got most everything I want changed except I'd like to have 4 or 5 or more thumbs show on a row instead of lined up single file vertically. Any ideas where I'd change that?

thanks for your work!


Larry said...

Awesome work! I love the format. I'm having an issue when I try and create a gallery with more than 20 images. TI'm receiving an error that says "Gallery Capped" Am I doing something wrong or can you not have more than 20 images at a time?

Chris Shepherd said...

Sorry - No idea Larry. Try the Lightroom forums, they may be able to help.


Nolte said...

Chris, is there any way to get this template to work in Moneybookers as to Paypal?

darryn said...

Hi all,

Great work again, i've always wanted to add some forward and back buttons. Here's my final version: Payal gallery.


Chris Shepherd said...

@Notte - sorry no idea. Never used Moneybookers but if they work in a similar way it is just a matter of replacing the paypal code with the moneybookers code.

@Darryn - Nice one looks really good on your site.