Tuesday 9 January 2007

Look Out

Yet again I find myself offering to host a file or a picture for a friend. Well this is supposed to be a blog about photography and I needed a shot for today, so here it is:

Look Out
By Kind Permission of: Robert Mitchell

This is the first ever shot Robert has posted on the web so he would appreciate any comments you have about it.


Chris Shepherd said...

Personally I really like this, it shows a really good eye for an interesting composition

David Toyne said...

I spoke to Joe Cornish a great while back he discussed at length repeated patterns and mofifs. The point being how important they are in making a successful image. Very relevant here with the mountain and the hat falling into that category.

Beyond the obvious said...

It's all about the hat and the mountain. But is that enough to make it a good image? Yep. In this case I think the added dimension of the red colour in the hat and the blue in the distance works well to enhance the image and create interest.

It's one of those images that makes you smile quietly inside.

Chris Shepherd said...

Thanks for those comments, nicely thought out commentry