Monday 8 October 2012

London 2012 Gallery

I have just uploaded a new gallery containing my shots from the glorious summer that was London 2012.

Nasty crash in the women's mountain biking

The shots cover scenes from around London before and during the games and a few events that I managed to get tickets for:
  • Badminton
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paralympics Opening Ceremony
  • Wheelchair Rugby Final
Wheelchair Rugby

 It truly was a fantastic time to be a Londoner and every venue was sold out as the British reveled in a summer of sport.  I know in some countries The Paralympics did not receive very much coverage at all, but here they were treated with as much reverence as The Olympics with sold out crowds on every day of competition.

Paralympics Opening Ceremony
The city was decorated with flags and bunting plus pieces of public art appeared all around the city celebrating the games.

Finally I have included some shots from The Team GB victory parade where our athletes were honoured for their stunning performance.  For me, one of the joys of the entire period was seeing a young lad in a wheelchair holding up his two medals and being cheered by 100s of thousands of people,  maybe sport can change attitudes.

Victory parade

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy my London 2012 Gallery.

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