Wednesday 11 January 2012

Lightroom Configuration Backup

The other day I hadn't noticed that the power lead had dropped out of my laptop when the battery was already virtually empty.  It had so little power left so that instead of hibernating, it just died on me.  In the middle of a Lightroom session.

The problem came that when I restarted Lightroom was not in a happy state.  It had returned to default and had forgotten all my presets, plugins and export settings.  Luckily I could drag them back from a backup but it was a bit of a pain.  So I was interested to find this Lightroom configuration backup plug-in, which creates a zip file of all your settings and can be setup to do it automatically.

Another feature of it is the ability to zip up your catalogue backups,  which if you combined it with my tip on how to automatically delete old backups could really save some disk space.

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