Thursday 17 March 2011

Lightroom: Just Do It!..........but create a collection first

Sometimes I can be really dim.  I have been using Lightroom for ages now and it has only just dawned on me what I should be doing.

Usually when I look through my Lightroom catalogue it is with some sort of purpose in mind. I might be selecting pictures to go into a competition or to send to a magazine, or maybe even just those I think might be "worth a print".  The trouble is,  I will often select the pictures, process them and forget all about them.  So if in a months time I want to get hold of all the images I sent to a particular magazine, I would have to hope that I could find it in my emails, or the directory I exported the files to - or more usually just desperately try to remember them.

My "purpose" for selecting a group of images is useful information  and its pretty obvious I may need that information in the future. Basically, I have been throwing away information....that makes me a very bad Lightroom user.  The whole point of having a computer is for it to store information for me.

So, now I have decided to make it a rule to always create a collection to store the images I am selecting.  The collection should describe my purpose in selecting the images.  If I start getting swamped in collections,  I can group them into collection groups like "competitions" and "magazine submissions".

Hopefully this level of organisation will save a lot of desperate searching and head scratching in futre.
Here's hoping!

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