Monday 20 July 2009

Loving a Lens

So, much against my better judgement I agreed to photographs a friends wedding, a few weeks back. It'll come as no surprise that I have been real busy processing the pictures, which is why this blog has been sadly neglected for far too long.

I decided that for most of the shoot I would use my 5DmkII with the 24-105 Lens, which is an ideal work horse for a wedding, especially with its high ISO performance. Though the downside of it is that processing hundreds of the huge files it produces, has moved a new laptop from the "desirable" list to the "downright essential" list! In addition to the 5D2 I decided that for the incidental shots I would take my 20D and the 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Cutting the Cake
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It has been seven months since I shot with the 20D and even longer since I used the 100mm macro on it. So it was a complete revelation - like falling in love all over again. For me there is something magical about that focal length, on the crop camera which really fits with the way I see the world. I make 100mm on the crop camera about equivalent to 160mm on the full-frame (I hope that's right) and that narrow view of the world seems ideal to me.

Being a prime it restricts you in a way that seems to force you to be more creative, there are only certain shots you can take, so you have to think a bit more about each shot.

The Rings
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The strange thing is, I'm not too keen on the 100mm on the full frame 5D2. It suddenly seems too short and I really don't like to crop using a prime as it seems to defeat the point of using a prime.

Hmm - I wonder if I can get a 160mm canon fit prime somewhere.

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