Sunday 7 September 2008

What a rubbish summer

In these days of climate change, it seems that I hardly ever seem to hear a weather forecast without them using the words "since records began". It's always the wettest, hottest, coldest month since records began. This year it was the turn of August to be the most rubbish since records began.

August in the UK usually has a few days of blue sky and sometimes the sun even pops out, If the sun appears for 3 days in a row it is traditional for The Sun to run the headline "Phew What A Scorcher". This year was different, a blanket of cloud seemed to cover the entire UK and didn't shift for the entire month.

Leigh Creek
(Click to view large)

So it was a triumph of optimism over experience when I headed down to Leigh-on-Sea for Dawn on Bank Holiday Monday morning. Even though metcheck said it wouldn't be cloudy, I was convinced I wouldn't see the sun as I got up at 4:00am that morning. So I was absolutely amazed as the sun came up and there was no cloud cover. I got plenty of shots as this little fishing port came alive due to high tide coinciding with dawn.

(Click to view large)

As I drove away the cloud cover came back & we reverted to "Claggy August". I was lucky to get these shots, but sometimes you make your own luck!

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