Wednesday 9 January 2008

My (current) Favourite bit of Equipment

So here in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter. Though with climate change it can be a little confusing as some days can be very warm.... but stand by the coast before the dawn comes up and you know it's winter.

So my current favourite bit of equipment is not a camera or accessory but a pair of trousers! The Craghoppers kiwi fleece lined trousers are a god send this time of year.

Furry Trousers to keep you warm and snug

On a cold winters morning fleece is your friend and combined with a practical outer shell they are perfect for standing leaning on your tripod and wondering if the sun will ever come up.
The slightly baggy fit is ideal for those really cold mornings when you need thermals underneath. I love em, if only they had cargo pockets to put your filters in like the standard Kiwi trousers do, they would perfect.

Highly recommended to keep your uglies snugly.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, as long as I'm comfortable I'll shoot all day.

Unknown said...

They're great aren't they, mine are seeing me nicely through the winter, along with my North Face long johns!

Chris Shepherd said...

Thanks for popping by folks. Glad it's not just me who loves em ;)