Friday 25 May 2007

Improve your photography - the 3 Rs

As here in the UK we head towards a long bank holiday, why not take some time to try and improve your photography using what I call the three Rs:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

"What are you on about Chris, that's something to do with rubbish isn't it?" I hear you say. Well not necessarily!

Next time you go to take a picture consider every element within the frame and does it need to be there. If in doubt - leave it out.
Also let your eye flick round the edge of the viewfinder looking for elements that are intruding at the very edges, a stray branch could mean the difference between the mediocre and the masterpiece.

Over the Stream
"Reduce" in action

Pay a visit to locations/subjects you have photographed before. Force yourself to find new ways of photographing the scene, different lighting, lenses and time of day can all make a difference. Force yourself to really look for a picture - try to go "beyond the obvious".

Recycle someone else's ideas and make them your own.
Spend some time looking at other peoples shots, consider how you would improve things: How would you do things differently? Would you have taken the shot in the first place? What do you feel about the shot?
Then use what you learn in your own photography.

What ever you learn from the three Rs - Have Fun.

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